Antrenorii si arbitrii fara stele nu vor fi acceptati la competitiile EUBC!

EUBC a trimis o scrisoare federatiilor nationale pe care v-o prezentam mai jos.  In aceasta adresa suntem anuntati ca antrenorii si arbitrii care nu au stele AIBA (una, doua sau trei) nu pot participa la turneele din cadrul EUBC. Nici la Centura de Aur, competitie de categoria B – EUBC. Cei care nu au stele si vor sa sustina cursul mai au o sansa la mijlocul lunii ianuarie la Assisi (Italia). Cei care doresc sa se inscrie la aceste cursuri o pot face pana cel mai tarziu luni 16 decembrie. Cei care nu au nici o stea trebuie sa completeze formularul pus mai jos.


Subject: Qualified Boxing Officials

Dear National Federations,

In accordance with AIBA rules, starting on January 1st 2014 EUBC will be strictly enforcing that Coaches and Referees & Judges who take part in EUBC events have the appropriate AIBA Star level and will not accept any official who does not meet the AIBA qualifications. In consensus with AIBA Technical Rules, the management systems for Coaches and R&Js have been set up in order to ensure the viability of boxing officials and are essential to guarantee the level of boxing matches.

Hence forth, any Coach or R&J who is not properly qualified through AIBA and verified in the database will not be able to officiate and coach at EUBC events. If officials are in their country’s registered delegation and do not have the suitable qualifications will not be able to participate in the event.

In order to implement this, it is part of EUBC’s duty to provide the means for Federations to be able to take part in AIBA courses; therefore EUBC will be offering courses for Coaches 1, 2, 3 Star Level in Assisi, Italy in the second half of January. The AIBA Data Collection Forms are attached for your use; please send all submissions to by Monday December 16th any candidates sent in later than this date will not be accepted. Upon receiving your Data Collection material, you will receive more information regarding the exact dates and accommodation rate.


Formular pentru antrenori

Formular pentru arbitri

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